Every rider has that one special horse, that one horse who changes everything about them.

In the month of August & September, I am looking to work on my portfolio and try out some new styles. Therefor I’m looking for horse owners who are willing to visit beautiful locations with their horses and have stunning photographs captured. 

If you are interested, please fill out the enquire form below and email a photograph of your horse to james@jameskelly.com

Capturing the personality of a horse on camera is a privilege, and watching how the owner and the animal engage and interact is a touching moment. As an equine photographer my aim is to provide an owner with images to treasure for years to come. If you’re potentially interested in an equine photography shoot then here’s an outline of the services I can provide.

During the booking process we’ll talk about and prioritise the type of shots you’re interested in capturing: from action shots; to a portrait of your horse; and perhaps images of the owner with the horse will also appeal.  Upon arrival I initially spend a little time watching the individual horse and how it moves. Does it run in long bursts or short bursts, in circles or straight lines, and how does it react to noises and people? After I’ve got a sense of the animal’s outlook, physicality and personality we can get to work.


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