Thrilled to have spent the day with Scott & Kelly! Their wedding was beautiful and effortless.  I had the pleasure of arranging two couples shoots (View Shoots here) prior to their wedding and both were such a joy. From the morning preparations to leaving at night, they were both just relaxed and in their element.

As always the stunning meldrum house were accommodating, especially when the day was not really going to plan (unscheduled second line up held the day up a little and missing family members during the shoot). but they allowed me to sneak a quick 5 minute portrait session.

After their meal we ventured out in the the fading light to capture the couple with the beautiful Meldrum house back drop.  Very happy with the results.

Was very sad to leave this wedding but after 12.5 hours I have to say, I was shattered and ready to sleep.

One thing about a Thursday wedding, I now keeping thinking I am two day a head.

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