Visited the Botanic Gardens in St Andrews during my lunch break from paper work! Needed an hour or two break from looking at all the numbers :-/ A10_1287 A10_1288 A10_1291 A10_1292 A10_1295 A10_1296 A10_1298 A10_1299 A10_1301 A10_1304 A10_1306 A10_1308 A10_1310 A10_1312 A10_1313 A10_1314 A10_1316 A10_1320 A10_1322 A10_1324 A10_1326 A10_1330 A10_1332 A10_1333 A10_1334 A10_1335 A10_1336 A10_1337 A10_1339 A10_1345 A10_1346 A10_1350 A10_1353 A10_1354