It's never easy waking up in the small hours of the more, especially after 3 1/2 hours sleep but something felt right about this morning.  I Topped up the flask with coffee, batteries off charge, packed and I began my 90 minute drive north to Portknockie, Moray to photograph the Bow Fiddler. I have been lucky to visit the Bow Fiddler a few times but this has always been for lessons and never in my own time.  I have even seen it from the sea looking in land during our Gemini Sea life trip and this gives a different view from the standard composition.

Arriving in the pitch black car park. Looking north east, I can see the faint sun light rising in between two bands of clouds.  Starting to feel a little doubtful with that think cloud, at least I am here and prepared.  Wandering around the cliffs and pebble beach,  seeking the composition but trying not to go for the typical view.  This can very difficult, often I have to return to the same location time and time again before the right composition jumps out at me.

Camera is all set up, filters are ready so now its time for coffee and a bowel of Frosties.  The sun starts rising but lacking colour and feeling a bit blue, will be perfect for Black & White.   Slowly the sun rises and I notice on the right hand side of the Bow Fiddler is a beautiful Orange and on the left the sea seems to stay bland and blue. Very strange.

The sun begins to hit the horizon, the sun's flashes it's rays filling the whole sky and creating beautiful lens flair on my photographs (If anyone knows me, I like a bit of lens flair).  I move in to the cove and down to the rocks to try and avoid the now harsh sun and capture the waves splashing around the rocks.  Sadly this does mean losing the view of the bow but still a spectacular view point.

It's now 06:45 and I am very happy with my results,  time to return home and get some stronger coffee.  I will be back for sunset very soon.

Written for the Location guide on 30 Second Exposure DEC_0665