Your photo will not fit every print size perfectly.

Most digital cameras take photos that are 4x6 or 4x5.3 in dimension but SmugMug sells tons of different print sizes. That means when you order a print, you need to make sure the good stuff makes it in. No worries, we'll make this easy for you.

Does my photo fit?

In the shopping cart, you'll see crop lines if your photo isn't a perfect fit.

This photo is 4x6 in dimension, but I chose an 8x10 print so it's cropping the subject's head slightly.

adjust-print-cropping-2 print-cropping-1

Aack! Move those crop lines...

Option 1: Click the adjust button and you'll be able to drag the crop lines to get it right.

But... That won't work for my photo.

In some cases, no shifting of crop lines makes your photo fit on some paper sizes. Group shots are notorious for not fitting 8x10s:


To get the whole family in the photo, do one of the following:

Option 2: Choose None for no cropping. It adds two white borders to the print, but none of the photo is lost. You can trim the print when you get it, or cover the borders with a mat.

print-no-crop no-cropping-1

Option 3: Choose a different print size. In this case, an 8x12 will be a perfect fit.