Up at 5am to catch the ferry to the capital and then on to Vagur for a pre wedding shoot. Fantastic couple who just enjoy each others company and very much in love. After the shoot, Jensia was surprised with her Hen party which Iris was attending. I just chilled in the sun, little editing before being picked up.  

Tonight we have Voxbtn, This is a music festival with 6,000+ people attending.  During one of the main acts: LOC, I was photographing him from the crowed when I felt hands touching my side, I was surprised to find two bouncers surrounding me, making sure I would not be affected by the crazy crowd.  I also walked up to the edge of the stage, just in front when all all of a sudden a large gate opened and the bouncer invited me to the photographs pit to photograph The Faroe Islands rap group: Swangah Dangah.  I was very impressed and the crowed seemed to love it, especially their new song "F*ck Paul Watson".  Swangah Dangah have also asked to use one of my images for publicity.

FAR_3207 FAR_3235 FAR_3260 FAR_3277 FAR_3285 FAR_3319 FAR_3344 FAR_3431 FAR_3460 FAR_3465 FAR_3466 FAR_3467 FAR_3498 FAR_3547 FAR_3586 FAR_3590 FAR_3602 FAR_3650 FAR_3697 FAR_3715 FAR_3756FAR_2834


FAR_2859 FAR_2879 FAR_2887 FAR_2917 FAR_2922 FAR_2935 FAR_2938 FAR_2990 FAR_2996 FAR_3011 FAR_3027 FAR_3044 FAR_3099 FAR_3141 FAR_3146 FAR_3159