Was invited to join the members of Killer Queen who performed at Voxbtn yesterday to sail around the sea cliffs of Vestmanna.  Thank you to Haldansen for making this possible, Arrived home to Sandvik where we launched the boat Heidi in to the sea.



FAR_3829 FAR_3833 FAR_3843 FAR_3907 FAR_3999 FAR_4065 FAR_4067 FAR_4081 FAR_4102 FAR_4130 FAR_4132 FAR_4168 FAR_4209 FAR_4221 FAR_4234 FAR_4235 FAR_4248 FAR_4249 FAR_4254 FAR_4274 FAR_4297 FAR_4318 FAR_4325