Day two in the Faroe Islands, Woke up in Tórshavn.  Beautiful day to explore but many british tourists as there is a cruise liner in the bay.

We boarded the ferry to the island of Suðuroy where we will be staying in Sandvik.

FAR_2372 FAR_2376 FAR_2377 FAR_2378 FAR_2380 FAR_2382 FAR_2383 FAR_2390 FAR_2396 FAR_2398 FAR_2400 FAR_2407 FAR_2425 FAR_2427 FAR_2429 FAR_2437 FAR_2443 FAR_2449

Little hard to see but this is Sandvik from the sea.

FAR_2452 FAR_2456 FAR_2464 FAR_2474 FAR_2483

Home sweet home!

FAR_2485 FAR_2489 FAR_2490 FAR_2499 FAR_2505 FAR_2506 FAR_2509


I was given a grand tour around a fishing trawler

FAR_2510 FAR_2512 FAR_2513 FAR_2514 FAR_2517 FAR_2518 FAR_2519 FAR_2520 FAR_2521 FAR_2522 FAR_2524 FAR_2525 FAR_2528 FAR_2531 FAR_2533 FAR_2535 FAR_2536 FAR_2540 FAR_2541 FAR_2543 FAR_2546 FAR_2549




FAR_2556-Edit FAR_2558