For many years I have been listening to the wonderful stories how couples got engaged. Yesterday (29th July) I did what every one of my wedding clients has experienced and I proposed to my beautiful and wonderful girlfriend, Iris. 10259195_925033647513748_5498378275813802699_o

The day did not go to plan though, I had arranged for a wonderful photographer couple Miriam & Janus  to meet us at a beautiful location called Old Hoyvik.  Sadly the weather was not great and the rain arrived.  We decided to move to plan B!  We had arrange for Iris, myself and 20 of our friends and family to have a birthday meal at Hotel Føroyar.  To say I was nervous was an understatement, I almost emptied my hip flask of whisky.  I met with Miriam & Janus and we made the arrangements, they would set up their lights and pretend they are taking photographs of the venue waiting for the moment.

I was all set to go but then people started to leave the table to get more food, ARGH! So I now had to wait until they all returned.

We had been joking at the table about singing happy birthday to me, so I started to sing happy birthday to myself, all of a sudden everyone started to sing loud.  After I then made the joke that I should stand up and thank all the 400+ people in the restaurant for coming to my birthday, and here is what happened next:


Asking Iris to be my wife ;) from James Kelly on Vimeo.

I can not thank everyone enough for all the help and effort that has been made to make the wonderful moment happen.

And by the way, she said "yes"

Photographs Curious of Miriam & Janus

Everyone singing happy birthday

Me thanking everyone & Iris looking suspicious


Getting on one knee....


She said yes!!!

Gazing at the ring!

IMG_6915 IMG_6913 IMG_6717 IMG_6715 IMG_6710 IMG_6709

My love!