I have said it before and I will say it again, weddings give me such a warm feeling inside! This one was no exception even if the snow was covering everything and we were at minus degrees. In the Faroes wedding planning does not take years, for most people it takes a few months. Kenneth and Vilhelmina contacted us in November asking if we would photograph their wedding in January and since January is usually a quiet month we decided to spend the whole month up there catching up on paperwork, doing family photoshoots and landscape photography.

This was a great first wedding of the year! The ceremony was in Hoyvíkar kirkja (church), which is a relatively new church built in 2007. The churches in the Faroes are very bright and lovely to photograph in. Iris was with me as my second shooter and did a bit of translating too ;) Kenneth arrived at the church before Vilhelmina and he was very calm, you could see the excitement in his eyes but there were no nerves in sight. Shortly after 12 Vilhelmina arrived acompanied by their two kids, Silja 6 years and Helgi 1 year. The kids were amazing, they walked in first and it looked and they did it perfectly. Then Vilhelminas dad walked the bride up to to Kenneth. During the ceremony Silja sorted her mums dress and carried the wedding rings to her mum and dad. Can you hear that I am impressed with this little girl :D

After the ceremony there was a drekkamun (coffee and cake) in the church basement where all the guests enjoyed cake with the couple. We got to take the newlyweds away for an hour to get photographs done in the winter wonder land outside. The fresh snow which had fallen during the ceremony was creating a stunning backdrop along with the impressive landscape. We went to the waterfall Svartafoss in Tórshavn. This was my first time at this waterfall but definitely not my last, it is a hidden unspoilt gem in the heart of Tórshavn. Walking in high heels in the snow was not difficult for Vilhelmina with Kenneth by her side as support, they looked amazing walking through the snow in their wedding clothes. Even if it was cold we had a great time with them and an hour went by so quickly. By the end of it it started snowing again, but they were up for getting some pictures with the snow falling around them. This was just like being inside a snowglobe, a total dream!

The next day Kenneth and Vilhelmina went on their honeymoon to the Maldives, maybe this was why they did not mind being out in the snow, I dont know. What I do know is that I came away with some amazing photographs which they have already told me that they love and that is what it is all about!

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