I have been lucky to have know Graeme since 2nd year of high school and Louise as a little girl as she is the sister of my primary School friend.  

Through the years, Graeme and myself were thick as thieves in School and also once we both left and became employed.  Over the years we drifted apart but when we meet up, it's like we have never been apart.

When I heard Louise & Graeme became an item, I was not surprised.   When you see these together, you could not get a more perfect fit.

Photographing their wedding was an honour! I had a front row seat to two of the best people become one.   There was laughter, tears, mean words (Louise did not want me to complement her but tell her the opposite, this was to stop her crying) and happiness!

They planned and had the best day!  It was great catching up with old friends, some who have moved to the other side of the world and seeing how our lives turned out.

It was amazing catching up :-)

Were you were guest at Graeme & Louise's wedding? Click here to access their gallery and contact the Graeme & Louise for the password

Photographs by James & Kelly & Louise Malcolm