Well our 6 weeks have come to an end and it is now time to say good bye to the Faroe Islands.  To say this has been a life changing experience would be an under statement . Firstly I arrived young (29) and left a little older (30), I was lucky to be given a surprise birthday party with many friends/family with lots of singing & SO much cake. Then getting to celebrate by birthday on Ólavsøka with family at the Hotel Føroya.

I also arrived as a boyfriend and left a fiancée after proposing to the love of my life, see the video by clicking here.  Also impressive to say that we were more popular than Pamela Anderson arriving in the Faroe's: www.in.fo

I have met the most amazing people and have built up so many friendships but also the start of some amazing clients.  I have been very lucky to meet and photograph many families and also the first two of what I hope to be many more weddings.

Over my time here I have watched and met many people who have visited the Faroe Islands for a holiday, only wishing they could say longer.  I have am so privileged that I have been to seen so many locations and just take my time to photograph and also return when the weather has not been at its best.

Although we are sad to leave, we return at Christmas and with news about direct flights in 2015 from Scotland to the Faroe Islands , it can only get better (might even bring some 30 Second Exposure clients for a photography holiday).

So to round up my trip, I have posted a selection of images.

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Family & Events (Birthday, engagement & Voxbtn)










FAR_2390 FAR_2407 FAR_2489 FAR_2474 FAR_2490 FAR_2499 FAR_2541 FAR_2585 FAR_2564 FAR_2693 FAR_2610 FAR_2771 FAR_2762 FAR_2722 FAR_3044 FAR_4102 FAR_4130 FAR_4168 FAR_4234 FAR_4249 FAR_4254 FAR_4274 FAR_4325 FAR_4458 FAR_4536 FAR_4545 FAR_4564 FAR_5690 983744_10152374890059580_947603144882017653_n 10259195_925033647513748_5498378275813802699_o

Getting on one knee....

FAR_4141 FAR_9179 FAR_9166 FAR_9160 FAR_9182 FAR_4291

Our Clients

FAR_7548-2 FAR_6901 FAR_5123 FAR_0157 FAR_1076 FAR_1266 FAR_3044 One-day-to-go

The Landscape

FAR_2556-Edit FAR_2549 FAR_2834 FAR_3829 FAR_4389 FAR_4394 FAR_4495 FAR_5682-Edit FAR_5721-Edit FAR_5700-2 FAR_0279-Edit FAR_0300-Edit FAR_0564 FAR_0856 FAR_0871-Edit FAR_0921 FAR_0916 FAR_0960 FAR_2400 FAR_2644 FAR_2657 FAR_2682 FAR_3829 FAR_4389 FAR_8319 FAR_5837-Edit FAR_6397-Edit FAR_6434-Edit FAR_6698-Edit FAR_7941 FAR_9320 2 Hov_pan-Edit Panoramic-3