We met Jakoba and Gisli for their pre wedding photoshoot at Boðanes the day after we arrived in the Faroes. It was a perfect day for photographs; moments before we had done a family photoshoot which went really well, so we arrived at the pre-wedding shoot with high spirits. Jakoba had messaged us in January to ask if we would do their wedding pictures in May, as per usual, the faroese don't take long to plan their weddings. Luckily we were available on that date and decided to spend 5 weeks in the Faroes in April and May. We are so lucky that we can travel with my job sometimes. Jakoba and Gisli have been together for 16 years and I can think that I can honestly say, that they are still just as much in love as they were when they first got together. Love matures, but these two, they just giggled and laughed so much!

We walked around Boðanes with them and talked about everything from their wedding plans to how to make fun of people who don't speak Faroese. I have a funny feeling that I might be one of those people, who can easily be fooled with the faroese language sometimes. But hey, if it makes people laugh I don't mind. Oh and of course we also spoke about Liverpool F.C. and Manchester F.C., these two agree on almost everything, but not on which football club to support! :) Gisli told us that he is going to take Jakoba to Liverpool, because she supports Manchester!

This will be our first wedding in Suðuroy. The ceremony is gonna be in Hvalba which is the neighbour village to Sandvík where we are staying with Iris' family during our 5 weeks here. We have done a lot of photoshoots in Suðuroy, but this is the first time we have been available on a date of a wedding. I am very excited and also a bit happy that the drive home after the wedding is a short one :)