Lets take 1 farm, a John Deere, 2 kids, 2 dogs, parents, chickens, sheep & cows then add a photographer and DAM we have the perfect recipe for a photo shoot!  What a day we had, no fear from anyone and willingness to create great photographs on a working family farm. KLL_001 KLL_002 KLL_003 KLL_004 KLL_006 KLL_009 KLL_013 KLL_016 KLL_019 KLL_023 KLL_030 KLL_031 KLL_032 KLL_034 KLL_038 KLL_039 KLL_040 KLL_048 KLL_052 KLL_054 KLL_056 KLL_060 KLL_063 KLL_064 KLL_069 KLL_075 KLL_076 KLL_079 KLL_080 KLL_084 KLL_088 KLL_091 KLL_092 KLL_098 KLL_112 KLL_116 KLL_127 KLL_131 KLL_140 KLL_143 KLL_152