Jørgen, Karolina and Didde (her nickname as her real name is still to be announced) Since coming to the Faroes for the first time Christmas 2012 I have been making new friends. One of the first to give me a very warm welcome was Jørgen. My first memory of him was on the 1st of January 2013, when him and the other guys from the village came around to our house to take me around the village drinking. This is an annual tradition as the men work hard to make New Years Eve special and on the 1st of January they get to let their hair down ;)

In 2014 on my 30th birthday (which was arranged as a surprise by Iris) Jørgen, his brother and his cousin were in charge of the music. They all brought their guitars so that everyone could sing. These faroese people really know how to make a Scottish guy feel special ;)

Last summer when we were in the Faroes for baby James christening, we were told the fantastic news that Jørgen and his fiance Karolina were expecting in early January 2016. Their baby girl (nicknamed Didde until her real name will be announced) was born on the 20th of December 2015, she just could not wait to meet her mamma and pabba! We went to their house on Tvøroyri for drekkamun and brought the camera along. Getting to document such a precious time in a friends life gives me a warm feeling inside. Seeing how happy they both were in their new roles was amazing, these two are meant to be parents and are meant to be it together.

Now I almost forgot their wonderful dog Alex, how could I! He is a collie boxer mix and he just loves being a big brother. When Didde cries or makes the tiniest sound Alex is the first one to notice and he lets Jørgen and Karolina know immediately.

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