We meet Laila, Bergur and little Rebekka in Hvalba. The weather forecast was a bit mysterious as was little Rebekkas mood. This was not looking too good. A few minutes after the shoot started the rain came along. There was nothing else to do than to put the shoot on hold. Rebekka had just been given a mars bar as a bribe, in hind sight bribing with a big chocolate this early on in the shoot was not the best of ideas. In the Faroe Islands the weather can change very quickly. An hour later the rain had gone and we could see blue sky. We went back to Hvalba which is only a 15 minute drive from where we were staying in Sandvík. Everything was better the second time around. The mars bar had given Rebekka lots of happy energy and she had brought her pink bike with her to the shoot. We had so much fun! This little girl is a charmer and loved showing of on her bike. Laila and Bergur also let me take a few pictures of just them whilst Iris entertained Rebekka. The shoot ended on a little beach in Hvalba, where I was standing in the water photographing them throwing rocks into the sea. This was truely one of those shoots that make me realise that I am so lucky to call this my job!

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