There is nothing better than exploring and photographing at new location.  Today we visited Duff house, Banff, where I have not been for years. A new location is like a blank canvas, the possibilities are endless and the creativity can run wild :) Iris & I met Leanne and her beautiful daughter Evie at the park. Evie was full of energy and I knew straight away that this was going to be a great shoot.  We explored the paths though the woods, looking out for the Gruffalo, leaving food traps for him (luckily the food was still there when we returned).  I was teaching Evie how the mushrooms on the tree are slowly eating them and so much more.  Our shoot eventually took us to the beautiful beaches of Banff, where we had fun at the playground and played in the water. After a good few hours of fun Evie was tired and mummy Leanne was happy with all the snapping we had done. They were now of to the shop where Evie was getting a sweet reward, me and Iris were off home to edit the lovely memories which we had captured with these two great girls.

Photoshoots with kids are wonderful, at first they might be a bit shy, but I think that I can easily say that by the end of this one Evie and I were the best of palls.

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