Linda's family photoshoot has so far been the only one to be rescheduled to another day due to weather here in the Faroes, and with the weather we had been having that is pretty good! Linda brought her mother and brother and two nieces with her to the photoshoot. It was lovely to be around such a big family! Linda's mother, who was the gran of the two girls, had been knitting the girls jumpers especially to wear at the photoshoot, we were very impressed! Knitting is not just practical in the Faroes but also very fashionable. Most women here knit and the kids are always well dressed in warm handknitted jumpers and hats. I have 2 faroese jumpers knitted by Iris and I love wearing them. Baby James has a collection already, some very original with handknitted whales on them ;)

Anyway, back to Linda and her family. We did their shoot in Viðarlundin (small forest) on Tvøroyri. There are not many trees in the Faroes, but people seem to be big fans of the little forest on Tvøroyri. Every time we have been there we meet a lot of people, and I can understand why. It is a lovely little forest with a great river running through it and on one side of the forest you get the majestic mountains of Trongisvágsbotn in the background. I am so happy with the photos that we got of Linda and her family there and they have told me that they are too :) So happy all around!

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