I have known Lucy for many years, all the way back to the days of Modern-Image. After selling Modern-Image many of us grew up and we lost contact.  Lucy first contacted me back in March 2012, right before I opened my gallery in Durno.  I was delighted and honoured when she asked me to be their wedding photographer. Well, 2 years and 5 months have passed and their wedding is fast approaching.  We had arranged to do Mark & Lucy's engagement shoot in the beautiful town of Stonehaven and we were lucky to get some nice but slightly changeable weather (one small rain shower but hey! its Scotland).  Lucy knew the style she wanted and Mark was very happy to get involved.  Their natural smiles and poses was wonderful, they needed no direction. The moments when they were looking into each others eyes, you can really see the love between them.

They were not the only ones getting in the action, their son Mylo (great name) may not have wanted to sit still or really have his photograph taken but when he did, it made for great photographs showing the strong bond between the three of them.  Mylo was kept occupied with Iris, they played on the beach, walked on the walls and visited the shop for sweets, allowing Lucy, Mark and myself to have our fun with the camera.

We are looking forward to their wedding day, the thought and design that is going in to this special occasion is going to be breathtaking and their guests are going to be amazed :)


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