In my line of work I meet the most amazing people & Mattie & Denny are defiantly at the top of the list.  I first met Mattie on the day of Keith and Emma Douglas wedding back in April 2014 at Logie Country House.  From the minute Mattie opened her mouth, I just new she was going to be a character and she was the life of the wedding.  Her one liners are perfect.  Meeting Denny was the complete opposite, a very soft spoken, gentle man and a secret sense of humour, they just compliments each other.

I was asked by Emma from Timeless White (and granddaughter to Mattie & Denny) if I would come to their 60th Wedding Anniversary and capture the day, how could I say no?  When I arrived I was greeted with the biggest smile and the tightest hug from Mattie.  They had the celebrations at the beautiful Park Cafe, Hazlehead and the girls had created a beautiful spread.

BUT it was not only Mattie & Denny's anniversary but also Keith & Emma's 1 anniversary and I was delighted to spend it with them.

After much chatting, kids running around, funny stories and being told I was Mattie's toy boy (Slight blushing) during her speech I was delight to capture the day, friends and fun.

I wish Mattie, Denny & Keith, Emma many more years of happiness, love and joy.

Thank you for allowing me to a part of the celebrations. xxxx

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