I had known Tracey for many years through her brother Robin & sister Dani, but it was not until they asked me to photograph their wedding that I really got to know them.  Tracey is more the Timid of the siblings and I knew this wedding was going to be something different and how right I was!  From the very start when seeing the converse trainers, two garters (one white & one black & white) and the leather jackets, I knew this was going to be great. The day was everything the couple expected & more (Apart from running 30 minutes late but this was because of Robin the bother who had left his suit at home, after a 35 minute drive home realising he had left his keys at the hotel but lets not remind him about his ;-) ) The venue was beautiful, the river Dee spectacular as always and the weather perfect, what more could you ask for?

Enjoy the honeymoon guys

JK xxxxxxx


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