It's a beautiful day! A good start. Another weekend gone by and this was a good one. Last week was a very busy week. Seems wedding enquiries are in full swing. And 2014-15 are set to be busy years.

Met up with two brides for 2014 and organising their engagement shoots . Still a few months away but both are very excited bunnies.

Drive out to Pitlochry and Rannoch for wedding meets, covered 330 miles in 14 hours. Ventured up to Alvie's house, Aviemore to venue this stunning wedding for Pete and Tanya's wedding next year.

Finished the weekend by photographing three beautiful horses which kept me running around and two families at the beach and back o Bennachie..

Now it's time to catch up on a weeks emails and phone calls and begin the editing.

Have a great Monday.