Nigro & Turið pre-wedding shoot at Leynavatn, Faroe Islands. Turið first contacted us by email in July 2015. Back then her and Nigro did not have a set date for their wedding, but luckily they chose the one date we had free in July 2016 and even more lucky, they chose me and Iris to be their wedding photographers. They did this without having meet us, but I am sure that Iris must have let a bit of her loveliness shine through to the emails back and forth with Turið, and I guess they just liked our photography style! When it comes to emailing with the faroese clients this is mostly Iris task and she usually talks to me about our possible clients up there as if they were friends already. That is one of the things I love about the Faroese people, they are very easy to talk to and usually when we leave a photoshoot it feels like we have made new friends!

Meeting Turið and Nigro in person at Leynavatn on a very cold January morning was such great fun! It had been snowing for days and the majestic snow covered mountains surrounding the lake (Leynavatn) were reflected in the lake. Turið and Nigro were given little to no instructions in front of the camera, they were so natural. The love between these two was obvious in the way that Nigro held Turið in a very loving and protective way whilst Turið rewarded Nigro with the warmest smiles - honestly I was a bit worried that the snow would started melting ;)

The shoot lasted about an hour, after which we were all cold to say the least! But I left with excitement within, knowing that I get to be around these two lovely people again on their wedding day in July.

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