Robin & Carol operate a slightly laid back approach to their wedding.  While I was photographing Daniel & Tracey Mcleman's wedding in may 2014, they asked me there and then if I would have the honor to capture their day. Now Robin & Carol are not having your traditional wedding as they are not completely traditional people. Robin & Carol are the proprietors of Rebel Ink Tattoo & Piercing on George Street, Aberdeen. They are are also very creative people and set out to create a wedding that is unique to them only and they definitely achieved this.

Their location is The Caves in Edinburgh, the perfect setting! No natural light, large bricked caverns and somewhere everyone can be close.   As you can see from the photographs, Robin's dress theme has been inspired by his favorite show: Sons of Anarchy. Robin also had FIVE best men, four of them being in their best behaviour but ONE best man went full throttle and produced the best speech a groom could receive.

Their day was relaxed, emotional, full of laughs and a LOT of dancing.

Congratulations to you both and thank you for allowing me to be part of this great day.


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