Siborg and Janus brought their 3 beautiful children Ingrid 7 years, Jóhannis 5 years and Eva 7 months to a photoshoot at Boðanes in Tórshavn. This is a location which we have driven past numerous times, but have never stopped. Once again a photoshoot showed us a piece of the Faroes we had still not explored and who better to explore it with than this beautiful family. Siborg told us that Ingrid was a bit shy and not very keen on having her picture taken. This is often the case with kids, but we let her and Jóhannis run around, play and do their own thing and soon Ingrid had forgotten that she was a bit shy.

The little one, Eva, who was 7 months old was an absolute star. Our favorite moment from the shoot is probably when Eva had had enough and demanded to be fed there and then. So Siborg had to breastfeed her on a bench in the snow with her two older kids playing fetch around the bench. This was truly a beautiful moment which described this family so well.

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