As you may (or may not) know, last year Iris & I lived in St Monans, East neuk of Fife.  This part of Fife is truly beautiful & tranquil.  For the 9 months I lived here, I sadly I did not get much time to explore the area and 6 months in to our time, I discovered that an Iconic view point for landscape photographers was here in St Monans, the Wavebreaker. On the realisation of this, I tried countless times to capture the wavebreaker but the weather just never seemed to be right.

On sunday (5th April 2015) I was lucky to take a number of clients of 30 Second Exposure's to St Monans to explore the area and hopefully receive a beautiful sunset, and that is what we got! The most spectacular colours and perfect weather.

I was very delighted with my results and it has been a long time coming.

Since posting online, this photograph has received the quickest response and order enquires.  Just want to say a thank you to anyone who has placed an order and I can't wait to see photos of it hanging on the wall.

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Here are some other images from that day.

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