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Lee & Leigh-Anne's adventure to Millbuies

Lee & Leigh-Anne's adventure to Millbuies

I love discovering a new location.  I' shamed to say that this location is only a few miles from my home and I had never heard of it until Leigh-Anne mentioned it, I felt like a kid in a sweetie shop.

Millbuies are two beautiful man made lochs just south of Elgin.  Surrounded by tall trees and so much wildlife

This place is going to be perfect all year round and I plan to take full advantage.

5 years, really?


5 years, really?


Today marks the 5 year anniversary of when I photographed my first wedding! Craig and Eilidh had asked me to capture their wedding at the beautiful Glen Tannar in Abonye. Being my first wedding I was a little reluctant but glad I agreed and took the chance. I had never been first or second photographer at a wedding and only once shadowed a talented photographer, Kirstie Abbey for half a day.

Their day was amazing and surrounded by great people, I loved every minute and seeing the results the next day on the computer began my ambition to become a wedding photographer.

Since then, I have had the great pleasure to be part of so many wonderful occasions, meeting the friendliest people and many of them becoming great friends.

I have learned so much about my craft but also a lot about about me and what I want for the future.

I look forward to my confirmed weddings in 2015 & 2016 but I am also excited to meet future couples and help make their day the happiest.

To the future and happy times

JK xx

Craig & Eilidh Nicoll IMG_3083.JPG

Ally & Jo Flett


Ryan & Katie Hulme


Stephen & Kerry-Lee West


James & Heather Wayman


Kraig & Stacey Marwick


Derek & Paula Corsar


John & Lindsey Fisher


Ross & Fiona Keillor


Johnny & Gill Walker


Ian & Lydia Willetts




Keith & Emma Douglas



Scott & Kelly Nicoll



Pete & Tanya Fraser


Darren & Donna Willox


Sarah & Craig Lawrie


Duncan & Dawn Chalmers


Howard & Jacqui Woodcock


Fillip & Anna Hammer


Norman & Lynn Watt


Chris & Jocelyn Skaaning


George & Heather Gillies




Liam & Abbie Booth


Liam & Abbie Booth

Liam and Abbie's wedding was always going to be that little bit different. But what was different? Her horse!  Abbie and Lola are inseparable and she had to a part of their special day.  From their engagement shoot with Lola and dog, Romeo, these guys are one big family.  Their wedding was wonderful, so relaxed and you could tell that Liam and Abbie were enjoying very aspect of their day.. Unfortunately the horse was not playing ball and would not go in to his trailer.  SO... we took Liam and Abbie to Cranloch Livery. What a great contrast to have Liam and Abbie all dressed up and looking fabulous and then having them pose with Lola in the field. I have to be honest, Abbie really kept her emotions together until she saw Lola,  her first words were "I have never seen her so clean and white". We returned to the Mansions in Elgin where the reception was held, where we were greeted their guests.  The guests were on great form, everyone was welcoming, relaxed and up for a great laugh. The rest of the evening was spent with great food, entertaining music, dancing and everyone in the best mood.

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