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Adventure Session Photo Shoot Competition

Adventure Session Photo Shoot Competition

I am so excited to launch my adventure session photo shoot! This has been in the making for over a year and something that I am incredibly passionate about.

Not only has this been launched but we are featured on the Scottish Wedding Directory’s journal (click here to read). It’s all go.

So you might be wondering what is the “Adventure Sessions”? Well let me explain and below is also a link to the AMAZING competition where you can win an Adventure shoot + Hair & Makeup and also a two night stay in a stunning Scottish hotel with breakfast & Dinner

2018 End of year review

2018 End of year review

You got to have a laugh! Are laughter and love not the two most important things in life?? It makes everything perfect, brings it all together.

I love doing these end of year reviews. There is something amazing about going through all the weddings from the year and reliving them all over again. Sometimes I miss moments I have captured, as the editing and “Technical stuff” takes over. Looking over all the images again, brings back the fun we all had.

I can not thank my amazing clients/friends enough for choosing me to capture their special day and allowing me to do what I love. 2018 has been incredible! I have met some really amazing people and being able to spend the time I do with each couple makes the big day so much more exciting. Being able to capture these split second moments in time for you all to enjoy for the rest of your life makes all the working hours, driving and living off coffee so worth it.

To every couple that booked me this year, I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH!

2019 marks the 10th anniversary since I photographed my first wedding and I hear photographers who hit this mark tend to go down one of two routes.

  1. Staying on the same path, doing the same things over and over where it just becomes a job and lose their creativity and passion.

  2. Change that direction, push the creativity limits, learn more and keep rising to the top!!

I am going down route number 2! I am pushing my creativity and challenging myself. I want to be the best photographer I can be and I still want to love what I do for the next 10 years!

I am excited for what the year ahead holds for me. It’s going to be epic and I cannot wait to share it all with you!

Faroe Islands Elopement

Faroe Islands Elopement

On the 19th of December, I had the great honour to photograph Nicole & Jordans wedding.  But this was a slightly different wedding as they were traveling to the Faroe Islands from Edmonton Canada.

Back when they were planing their wedding, they made the decision to Elope as they did not want the fuss that often comes with a wedding.   They had been listening to music when this one song "Far Away" came on by the singer Eivør Pálsdóttir.  They found the song to be beautiful and searched where Eivør was from and for the first time, they discovered the Faroe Islands and this is where they were to marry.

They contacted myself through a wedding portal ( i'm part of in the Faroe islands and after a few emails they booked myself to capture their day.   I know how intimidating it is to travel to another country, let alone get married and I wanted them to leave with the happiest memories.  I sent them links to so many of the different locations to visit for portraits and I think it might have been a bit overwhelming and they let me decide.

Being so far north and in December has it's complications with light.  By 3pm it is almost pitch black and they were getting married at 1pm.  This meant very limited time and ruled out many of the locations that involved a long drive.  

The second element I was worried about was the Weather.   The weather is incredibly difficult unpredictable and the reports were all rain and wind. 

We met with Nicole and Jordan out sound the council building where they were due to marry and we had an hour before the ceremony.  We decided we would break the ice and start off with some photographs at the old parliament buildings: Tinganes.  We hit it off great and and they both very quickly relaxed in front of the camera.

The local mayor married them in a stunning room with beautiful words, Iris and I were lucky to be their witnesses.  

Jordan & Nicole jumped in our car and we started off up at Hotel Tórshavn which offers a beautiful panoramic view over Tórshavn.  For the next two hours we visited some of the most beautiful and dramatic locations.  Apart from a little wind, the light was perfect and just could not believe how lucky we were.

Nicole & Jordan were amazing, they were natural in front of the camera.  They were just themselves and happy (as to be expected) to be in each others company.  They never once complained about the cold or having to stand around while I took photographs even when they were on the beach and the tide came in quick and covered their feet. 

We ended they night by treating them to one of the amazing French Hot dogs and a jolly cola.  What perfect way to end the day. 

I can't thank Nicole & Jordan for putting their trust in me and being an amazing couple.  I wish you both all the best with the future and I hope our paths cross again.



Birgit, Janus and the kids

Birgit, Janus and the kids


Iris photographed this lovely family in Hvalba, the Faroe Islands, in November.

James Kelly Photography, portraits, Faroe Islands, Hvalba, myndatøka, familju myndir, nikon, Aberdeenshire.

Miriam and Adrian

Miriam and Adrian


When Iris was in the Faroes in November 2016 she did a few photoshoots up there.  This was one of of Miriam and her son Adrian was one of them.

James Kelly Photography, family session, family photoshoot, son, mother, Aberdeen Photographer, Scottish Photographer, Faroe Islands, Faroes.

Jóhanna, Bergur, Finnur and Hilaria

Jóhanna, Bergur, Finnur and Hilaria


When Iris was in the Faroes in November 2016 she did a few photoshoots up there.  This was one of them.  Jóhanna, Bergur and Finnur brought their baby cousin Hilaria with them to their photoshoot.

James Kelly Photography, family session, family photoshoot, siblings, sister, brother, Aberdeen Photographer, Scottish Photographer, Faroe Islands, Faroes.

4 Year to get Gásadalur Waterfall

4 Year to get Gásadalur Waterfall

4 years! It has taken 4 years for me to get this composition.
I had planed to visit another location for sunset but something told me to visit Gásadalur.  So Alister and I rushed through the under sea tunnel and we made it just in time.
It was also my first time down the STEEP steps to the rocks below the standard view point.
I made my way across the jagged rocks too the edge which hangs over sea.
Nikon D810
24-70mm f2.8 at 24mm
13 second exposure.
Lee 6 stop & 2 stop graduated Filter.
ISO 200

Flóvin, Hervør and the girls

Flóvin, Hervør and the girls

The day after arriving in the Faroe Islands we got to photograph Flóvin, Hervør, Drós and their baby girl, who will be given her name at her christening this weekend. I love it when we start our trip with a good shoot and this one was just brilliant. Drós who is 3 years old was such a bobbly little girl. She taught me a new word "Bíða" which means wait. This word was used a lot as she was playing with her teddies in-between pictures being taken. The little baby girl was 3 months old and you could already see that she looked up to her big sister, who took such good care of her. Holding her tight and giving her big klemm (faroese for cuddle).

Flóvin and Hervør are such a beautiful couple. They just have the most awesome ginger hair which they are very proud of and they should be, seriously look at it in the picture, it is just gorgeous! They have just recently got engaged and we want to wish them the best future together (hint hint, let us know when you set a date;) ).