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2018 End of year review

2018 End of year review

You got to have a laugh! Are laughter and love not the two most important things in life?? It makes everything perfect, brings it all together.

I love doing these end of year reviews. There is something amazing about going through all the weddings from the year and reliving them all over again. Sometimes I miss moments I have captured, as the editing and “Technical stuff” takes over. Looking over all the images again, brings back the fun we all had.

I can not thank my amazing clients/friends enough for choosing me to capture their special day and allowing me to do what I love. 2018 has been incredible! I have met some really amazing people and being able to spend the time I do with each couple makes the big day so much more exciting. Being able to capture these split second moments in time for you all to enjoy for the rest of your life makes all the working hours, driving and living off coffee so worth it.

To every couple that booked me this year, I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH!

2019 marks the 10th anniversary since I photographed my first wedding and I hear photographers who hit this mark tend to go down one of two routes.

  1. Staying on the same path, doing the same things over and over where it just becomes a job and lose their creativity and passion.

  2. Change that direction, push the creativity limits, learn more and keep rising to the top!!

I am going down route number 2! I am pushing my creativity and challenging myself. I want to be the best photographer I can be and I still want to love what I do for the next 10 years!

I am excited for what the year ahead holds for me. It’s going to be epic and I cannot wait to share it all with you!

The cog: James & Jan Law

The cog: James & Jan Law


A wedding is a celebration of two people in love, two or more families and a whole load of friends coming together!  A wedding should be romantic but also a laugh and a party!  With James and Jan, we had everything! To have the wedding outside or inside?  The clouds are looking dramatic and there is a possibility of rain.. As I said to Jan "Have the wedding outside and if it rains, your guests can grab the chairs and bring them in".  Just as we are coming down the stairs, it starts to rain......  Lucky it was a 2 minute shower and the staff at Pittodrie House Hotel were well prepared.

As James and Jan said their vows and held hands, the sky darkened and in the near distant, you can hear the roars of thunder in the sky.  This did not stop the celebration, we carried on.


The rest of the day was full of laughter, tears, great fun and nothing gets a party going like the Orcadian Cog (Click here to read more)!

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